Support me!

The 13 reasons why you should support my quest of sports goals:

– because I am a young, persistent athlete with major and ambitious aims,

– because I believe loyalty is one of the most important life values,

– because I believe that teamwork leads to success,

– because I believe that to get, you have to give, especially when it comes to public relations,

– because my parents and my team take care that I always train hard, do my best and achieve my personal standards,

– because results are only a part of my life – they cannot exist without strong bonds, good partner relations, great equipment providers and most importantly, supporters and friends.

– because I believe that unbreakable will, talent and hours of training are not the only factors which will allow me to fulfill my lifetime goals. As every athlete, I will require financial resources to purchase high-quality gear and pay for all expenses,

– because every supporter forms a vital piece of my puzzle and I could not be happier for their unwavering unsupport, for which I try to redeem myself as much as I can,

– because I know that my career cannot exist without the great support from my sponsors and partners,

– because I wish to introduce triathlon to my country, especially the younger generations,

– because I recognize the value of an athlete’s image in supporting individuals and companies,

– because I wish to built long-lasting, strong relations with my partners, who will help me shape my career,

– because I am steadfast, accountable, strong-willed and fair,

– because I believe that greatness is achieved, not given.



If you wish to work and cooperate with me I strongly urge you to contact my team manager, Nataša Planko, who will be glad to answer all your questions and help you in your bussiness inquiries with our team. You can reach him either through mobile phone by calling +386 31 501 047 or by sending an e-mail to:

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