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My name is Matevž Planko.

For my friends – Hitri Planko (Planko the fast or… Speedy Planko). I received this name because I always manage (swiftly, of course!) my way in water and on dry land, on a bicycle or wearing trainers. I am a triathlete. More accurately – I am a 19  year old coming with from Kamnik with the lifetime goal of participating in the olympic games.

In triathlon, obviously!

If you are interested in my story, please do take a look around a web page. I suggest you begin on this link first.




Highest tracked pulse to date


Time achieved on 50 metre freestyle


VO2 max (ml/kg/min)


Time required for a 2000-metre run


Svoje priprave na prihajajočo sezono nadaljujem v Španiji. Tu bom treniral dva tedna s skupino iz Kamnika.

Next two weeks I will train in Spain with my home team
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Vsak dan nekaj novega. Kmalu me boste lahko spremljali v spletni telovadnici Varuh zdravja mojega podpornika Vzajemna

Every day something new on the menu:) Soon you will be watching me in the online gym sessions of my supporter Vzajemna
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Uspešno sem zaključil s prvimi pripravami na Fuertevanturi. Hvala Lehmann Brothers in njunemu očetu, da sem se jim lahko pridružil.

Succesfully finished my first training camp for this season thanks to Lehmann Brothers and their father for letting me join them.

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Pripravljeni na februarsko mantro? Kdo je z mano?

Ready for February mantra? Who's with me?
... VečManj

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