Presentation of the gear I use to achieve my sports goals:



What would fish do if they were not equiped with those shiny scales? Well, same applies to us, swimmers and triathletes alike, who wish to cover as much distance with the least amount of resistance (and effort) possible – something we would never be able to do without the proper technological advances in swimming equipment.

My swimming needs are take care of by AV SPORT d.o.o., which provides me with high quality Speedo equipment that serves my needs. They provide me with the following:

  • swimming goggles Fastskin Elite Goggle Mirror
  • swimming goggles Speedo Speedsocket
  • swimsuit Speedo TRI ELITE
  • Men’s Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2 Jammer swimwear
  • swim cap Speedo Plain moulded silicone cap
  • paddles Speedo Biofuse finger paddle, Speedo Power paddle
  • Speedo Biofuse training fin
  • Speedo Elite pullbuoy
  • Speedo Kick board
  • Speedo Centre snorkel
  • flip-flops Speedo Pool surfer
  • backpack Speedo Team rucksack III


The fastest part of the triathlon is done on two wheels. It is required that the body and the bicycle are in sync, which is achieved by the highest quality gear. This is guaranteed for me (except when my body has a bad day) through the help of Fun Sports d.o.o. (Cannondale), GARMIN Slovenija and Tamai – Šiviljstvo Kovic Tatjana s.p.

The gear is as follows:


If I had a cent for every step I made, I would have…jokes aside – to make every step as comfortable  and safe as possible (and obviously fast) I turn towards the support of Newton running Slovenija which provide me with:


To not lose valuable time when traveling to an event and to, most importantly, measure and analyze the most important body factors when competing I use gear provided from Garmin Slovenija. For an extra touch, I can snap a picture of a memorable event – in high resolution!


The triathlon jersey is of the utmost importance in every event. Other triathletes will know how important it is for the jersey to be comfortable and dry. My jersey is made from the best materials by  Tamai. I have to admit it always impresses me how well it is able to handle every challenge in my way.

The jersey is accompanied by a set of other sports clothing which I use when training or before contending.

TAMAI Triatlon Bodysyit DryTech-C6

      • Running shorts 3/4 – lycra
      • Running shorts Corsa – lycra
      • Thermo long-sleeve running shirt
      • Kneesleeves – lycra
      • Thermo leg/arm warmers
      • Termo inflatable arm and leg rings
      • Gel summer biking gloves
      • Coolmax sprint cycling jersey
      • Corsa strapped cycling pants with Lycra SAT padding
      • Corsa thermal cycling long-sleeve jersey
      • E3 Protection cycling windbreaker
      • Windtex – Traforato sleeveless cycing jersey
      • Drytech triathlon bodysuit


Somebody that is actively occupied with sport cannot work on an empty stomach. To make sure that I never lack energy, that I recover/regenerate efficiently and that I stay in peak physical condition I only the use the highest quality sports nutrients provided by Pro Action. Okay, sometimes I also make sure to enjoy our home-made delicacies…

      • Pro Action Energia energy bars
      • ProAction Pro Muscle protein bars
      • Pro Action Pro Muscle MaxiMass protein powders
      • Pro Action Pro Muscle Glutamine Recovery for faster regeneration
      • Pro action Mineral PLUS isotonic drinks
      • Pro Action MeDiet multivitamins
      • Pro Action bidons
      • Pro Action shakers


To make sure my eyes are minimally influenced by the sunlight (and for protection) I use Adidas Eyewear shades from Amm Maribor. Well, you have to admit I look pretty good in them…


Compression plays a vital role in recovery and injury protection in competitive athletics. AV SPORT knows that very well and supplies me with their ZeroPoint products to make sure that my calves and I are always protected.

  • ZeroPoint Compression Performance Calf Cleeves OX


When it comes to ensuring that my equipment travels Fux d.o.o. has got my back with their THULE products. Even going through the rough airport security and luggage handling my equipment stays healthy and without a scratch

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