About me

“Triathlon is a part of me. A part I can’t live without.”


My name is Matevž Planko, I am a 19 year old coming from Kamnik. Last year I finished High School and I enrolled on the Faculty of Sports.  Teaching plays a vital part in my life. This inspires my goal to be able to do the same as a teacher for younger generations and provide them with the (sports) knowledge required to develop and flourish.

Family also plays an enormous role in my life. I hail from a sport oriented family where my parents made sure that I developed a passion for sport from a young age. Both of them are active coaches and triathlon contenders and if we apply the rule that no apple falls far from the tree…you get the idea. Since I was very little I always held sports in high regards. At the age of 6 I started to actively train for triathlon competitions. This made triathlon a essential part of my life, a part I enjoy greatly because it always brightens up my mood.

If I had to describe myself, I would say I am a very optimistic and simple individual, always being ready to help while also being able to show respect to the ones around me. Most of time is dedicated to sports and due to my constant training I rarely find time to socialize. When I do, however, I make sure to always catch up with my friends and meet new people.

My main motivation are definitely my personal goals or rather achieving those goals if I am more accurate. I believe that well placed (and achieved) personal goals always transfer into good results. The emotions I feel whenever I cross the finish line with a great (obviously!) result are indescribable and that is the reason why I always put in my best effort. These feelings and results reward my hard work, my perseverance, the sweat and most importantly…the horror of all the morning alarm clocks.


Triathlon is a part of me. A part I can live without. Because of this my goals and wishes are set very high. Firstly, I wish to get as much experience as I can from international events. In the next five years I am planning to achieve a top 10 global rank in the Junior division. I also wish to move from the Sprint to the Olympic category. My largest, long-term goal is a rank in the top 10 global elite, at least 8 world cup appearances and most importantly, a spot in the 2020 in 2024 olympic games.

The olympic games are a goal shared by many atheletes. I wish to do my best to represent Slovenia and make an impact with my score. I try not to generalize with my opinions but I believe that this kind of sport does not rank high in terms of popularity in my small country. Exactly that is the reason why I wish to represent this sport in Slovenia as I wish for it to become more popular. It is true that triathlon may be one of the most demanding athletic competitions out there, especially if you wish to get a good result. In the end, however, it all comes down to dedication and the fact, that all three disciplines, even if they demand different approaches, come together as a whole.

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